Papyrus Vatican Inv. 38573


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Alternative Names
Papyrus Vatikan 19a (Marucchi 1902) Papyrus Vatikan 36 (Marucchi 1891)
Present location
Europe » Vatican » Vatican City » Museo Gregoriano Egizio

Inventory number: 38573

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Era and Dynasty Dates » Pharaonic Period » New Kingdom » 19th Dynasty, Era and Dynasty Dates » Pharaonic Period » New Kingdom » 20th Dynasty
Text type
Magic spells
Organic » Fiber (from plants and animals) » Papyrus
Object type
Artefact » Writing surfaces » Scroll
Egyptian-Coptic » Egyptian » Middle Egyptian, Egyptian-Coptic » Egyptian » Late Egyptian

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- Marucchi 1891: O. Marucchi, Monumenta Papyracea Aegyptia Bibliothecae Vaticanae (Romae 1891), 91–96, pl. 2–3 (best photos, but the fragments are in the wrong order).

- Suys 1934: P. E. Suys, Le papyrus magique du Vatican, in: Orientalia 3, 1934, 63–87.

Bibliographic references

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Dr. Katharina Stegbauer

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