Papyrus Budapest 51.1961 + Papyrus Turin CGT 54058


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Alternative Names
pTurin Cat. 2106/384 pTurin Cat. 2107/416
Present location
Europe » Hungary » Budapest » Szépmüvészeti Múzeum (Museum of Fine Arts), Europe » Italy » (Cities Q-Z) » Turin » Museo Egizio
Find spot
Asyut to First Cataract » Thebes » West Bank
from: Era and Dynasty Dates » Pharaonic Period » New Kingdom » 19th Dynasty to: Era and Dynasty Dates » Pharaonic Period » New Kingdom » 20th Dynasty
Text type
Compendium/Bundle of texts
Organic » Fiber (from plants and animals) » Papyrus
Object type
Artefact » Writing surfaces » Scroll
Egyptian-Coptic » Egyptian » Middle Egyptian, Egyptian-Coptic » Egyptian » Late Egyptian
Bibliographic references

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Dr. Peter Dils

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