Welcome to the website: Science in Ancient Egypt

Pharaonic Egypt represents one of the influential civilisations of the ancient world. To this day, the knowledge the ancient Egyptians acquired of individual phenomena and of the ways they explained these, exerts a great fascination on people from the modern era. Even more than 1,500 years after the fall of this advanced civilization, we can still gain access to ancient Egyptian knowledge by means of their surviving scientific texts, as these texts are nothing less than a codified form of their wisdom and of their perception of the world.

The aim of this website is to make the written records on the various domains of ancient Egyptian knowledge accessible to Egyptologists, to scientists from other disciplines and in fact anybody else who is interested. In it we present extensive metadata for each individual knowledge based text, together with a comprehensive bibliography. We also offer a translation and commentary for each text in line with and beyond the current state of research.